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May 15

Emirates Flight Attendant Interview

Fancy the idea of a jet setting career with one of the worlds most exciting and dynamic airlines? Then maybe the career as a flight attendant with Emirates Airlines is for you!

This year alone Emirates is planning to recruit over 500 flight attendants. If your over 21, fit, healthy and full of life, you too could be packing your bags for a new life in the dynamic ever sunny city of Dubai.

Emirates currently recruits from over 130 countries and regularly hold open days in various cities across the globe.


You should be! Being a flight attendant for Emirates will provide you a life like no other, shopping in Paris one day, bathing in the Maldives the next. With such an amazing lifestyle on offer competition for the available positions is tough. For every 100 applicants only about 5 will be successful” explains Sasha Robinson, Crew Hubs principal interview coach. ” And why did those 5 stand out from the competition?, the simple answer is they were the best prepared candidates for the interview”.

“Preparation is the key to a successful interview” continues Sasha, “Over the past 10 years we have prepared hundreds of girls and boys for their Emirates flight attendant interview, and they consistently outperform their competition. When it comes to your flight attendant interview don’t leave anything to chance”. At Crew Hub we can assist you with all stages of your interview process, from the online application right through to fully preparing you for your interview, we will be right by your side guiding you all the way.


To see how Cabin Crew Hub can give you the best possible chance of success contact us today or visit our shop page to view our full list of Services and Products.

To find out when the next Emirates Open Day is coming to a city near you or to apply online click below.

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