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May 05

Qantas International Flight Attendant Recruitment



Qantas, The national flag carrier of Australia, has started accepting applications for the much sought after position of international flight attendant. It is understood the airline intends to recruit up to 100 flight attendant this year alone.

The lucky applicants will be trained on the airlines flagship Qantas A380 and will operate on the airlines international routes including London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York and Dallas.

Qantas Flight Attendants are selected for their consistent service delivery and their personal involvement in making a difference to the airlines customer’s experience. Your ability to make customers feel welcomed, important and appreciated by taking pride in putting that something extra in every detail of the customer experience is the key to your success.

Following many years of stagnant recruitment and redundancies, competition for the limited positions will be tough. Only the very best prepared candidates are likely to be offered a position with Qantas as an International Flight Attendant.

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